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Burger Bot Boss Battle

By March 28, 2017September 30th, 2018Animation, GIF, Illustration

As I’ve stated previously, creating daily social content for brands can be challenging. Keeping the content “good” or interesting is challenging enough, but doing it every day for a year can be maddening. I find that in most cases, if I make content that I’m genuinely interested in creating, it resonates with the audience. It is a matter of content coming across as “authentic” vs. too corporate or overtly marketing to the audience. Demonstrating that there is an actual person doing things differently and spending time making things that are interesting allows people to get invested.

With all of this to say, here’s a recent example from Denny’s Diner’s Tumblr blog that is so niche that audiences would specifically enjoy it for its throwback to retro gaming and the clear dedication to creating custom artwork for them to enjoy on a brand’s social channel. Pixel art has its own fan base. the general public see it as a throwback to retro gaming or a reference to Minecraft. This is a pretty basic concept/gif, but the art itself is painfully tedious but still fun to make. I decided to make it a throwback to the super limited color palette of the old PC games using only 4 colors similar to the CGA color palette but used the Denny’s brand colors instead.

Commander Keen Title Screen - CGA Palette Pixel Art
Prince of Persia Title Screen - CGA Palette Pixel Art
Burger Bot Boss Battle Pixel Art
Justin Gammon

Justin Gammon is an illustrator and designer with a penchant for the weird. This is clearly visible in the bizarre illustrations and animations he creates for the highly lauded and award-winning social media channels for Denny’s Diner.

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