I'm a Hotdog
Fun on a Bun

Jib Jab won the world’s hearts by creating video content we can star in. We can put ourselves, our families, and our friends in billboard-topping, popular music videos and even in funny songs created by Jib Jab. But now, they’ve taken it one step further – creating custom music videos based on popular GIFs from their apps. It just so happens one of the most popular GIFs shared in their app is one of my first Jib Jab GIFs – the thrusting hot dog man.

I had the pleasure of taking the music track they provided and created various scenarios for the hot dog man to terrorize the world with his meaty hijinks, letting everyone know “I’m a hot dog.”

Become a Hot Dog!

Client: Jib Jab Media
Art Director, Illustrator, and Animator: Justin Gammon
Deliverable: Concepts, Illustrations, and GIF Animations

jib jab - hot dog dance

Original Hot Dog Man GIF