Garbage Pail GIFs
The Garbage Pail Kids were created in 1985 by The Topps Company. A group of underground cartoonists birthed a collection of trading card stickers that parodied the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls which were popular at the time. The gross-out humor and subversive attitude appealed to kids of all ages (and repulsed parents), and the stickers were plastered on books, desks, and bedroom doors around the world.
It’s been over three decades since the Garbage Pail Kids were unleashed onto the world, and having been a kid in the 80s who had his mind blown by these gross and hilarious kid illustrations, I felt obliged to bring these paintings to life in quick, 30-frame, animated loops. Each Garbage Pail Kids GIF was created digitally dissecting the original card art and partially repainting portions to breathe new life into the iconic characters we all knew as kids. (Be sure to check out my Mars Attacks GIFs.)

Illustrator: John Pound
Animator: Justin Gammon

Adam Bomb

Double Heather

Ali Gator