Cheesy GIFs

It has become fairly commonplace for people to consume food like they consume media – in bite-sized chunks. So what better way to promote a new cheese snack product that’s made to eat in bites than to serve up some social content served in small bites.

Caprice des Dieux worked in collaboration with Fred and Farid: Paris to make – a website promoting a new shareable cheese snack, En Cas de Caprice, and serving up portions of entertainment every minute of the day. A new video is featured every sixty seconds reiterating the idea that any time is a good time for a snack.

Hundreds of Creators were hand-picking to contribute to the project including YouTubers, Viners, Directors, Graphic Designers, Entertainers, Choreographers, Magicians, and artists of all kinds. The collection of work contained 1440 original pieces which include tutorials, videos, GIFs, Vines, 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, and parodies. It truly became an artistic performance tied into pop culture.

Client: Caprice Des Dieux
Agency: Fred & Farid | Paris
Art Director and Animator (for this content): Justin Gammon
Deliverable: Concepts, Illustrations, and GIF Animations