Way of the Desperados

Created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the Desperados brand refresh was inspired by the bottle, colors, name, taste, and spontaneity of the product. Its purpose was to elevate Desperados to become more of a lifestyle brand, to have the brand express an unconventional, daring, positive outlook on life that can resonate with young adults.
Avoiding the cliche approaches of most beer brands, Desperados created a tumblr blog with content that has a distinct visual language and tone of voice that people everywhere could relate to. It allowed for fun, crazy, unexpected imagery. Something a bit less polished and more real.

Client: Desperados / Heineken Inc.
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Art Director, Illustrator, and Animator (for this content): Justin Gammon
Deliverable: Concepts, Illustrations, and GIF Animations