Amplify Your Music Inside
Mi11 is a movement by and for musicians and music lovers of every shape, size and sound. It is a way to share and encourage the “Music Inside” – whether it’s music you make or music you feel. Best Buy launched the Mi11 community to help share, promote and embrace all things music, but more specifically – their new Best Buy Musical Instruments division.
The extremely talented, knowledgeable and passionate employees & musicians were empowered to share with a diverse collection of offline materials as visually diverse as music itself. The designs featured here are my contributions to the wide range of artwork and materials created for Best Buy’s mi11.

Client: Best Buy: Musical Instruments
Agency: Brains on Fire
Mi11 Logo Design: Eric Whitlock
Copy Writer: Jennifer Goff
Art Directors: Eric Whitlock, Justin Gammon, and Greg Ramsey
Designs Featured Here: Justin Gammon

“Take it to 11” Knob Lapel Pin

Mi – Boombox and Spraycan

Mi11 Store Welcome Kit

The Yeti – Budian Gig Poster Detail

High Fidelity – Mi11 Member T-shirt

Mi11 Skull – Palm Card Detail