voxi mermaid
Endless Connections

The launch ad for Vodafone’s new youth brand Voxi, Vodafone’s first UK sub-brand, is equal parts weird, disturbing, and entertaining.

This abstract film pays homage to the digital, creative community for whom it was built. More than 100 young creators, from artists and filmmakers to knitters and bakers, make content for Voxi’s marketing channels. This approach reflects the chaotic and uninhibited way that the connected generation create and communicate, better emphasizing Voxi’s focus on unlimited data for social apps.

I was one of the many selected to contribute Voxi GIFs to the short film, creating a few the brief “WTF” moments themed around “meat,” “levitate,” and “mermaid.”

Client: Vodafone
Agency: Ogilvy and Mather UK
Art Director and Animator (for this content): Justin Gammon
Deliverable: Concepts, Illustrations, and GIF Animations