Honda - Name Your Car Day
A Car by Any Other Name Would Ride as Sweet

People love cars. Some would say they love them like children. And a lot of those people name their cars. To play into this phenomenon, Honda commissioned a collection of artists to create fun, quirky GIFs for “Name Your Car Day.” Honda prompted followers to share their cars’ names on Twitter, and whoever responded got a treat – a personalized animated GIF. Each car GIFs incorporated the car’s name into the animations, allowing for a personalized GIF for each fan response.

The “Name Your Car Day” campaign was Honda[s chance to take a small holiday and turn it into a fun conversation with their followers. It was my task to create some fun, shareable scenarios that Honda’s social team could customize and share with their fans.

Client: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Agency: RPA
Animator: Justin Gammon