Rage Against the Haze - Oreo Cookie Illustration
A Truth Teller’s Guide to Clearing the Air

South Carlina’s anti-tobacco youth movement, Rage Against the Haze, has been going strong since its inception in 2002. The key element of success is its foundation in teen-to-teen interaction, education, and training. Each year, Rage Against the Haze hosts a two-day training session for teens interested in joining the anti-tobacco use movement. The sessions are guided by a very lengthy and informative manual that introduces teens to the convoluted and deceptive tobacco industry and what it stands for.

Making your way through a giant workbook for days could get pretty dull, so I decided to take things up a notch and dress up each factoid, nugget and other bits of information with bright, playful and iconic illustrations.  This fully-illustrated field guide is a clear example of how combining relevant information with clever writing and engaging imagery can help convey the message of truth and give the teens something worth talking about.

Client: SC Dept. of Environmental Health & Control (SC DHEC)
Agency: Brains on Fire
Creative Director | Art Director | Illustrator: Justin Gammon
Copywriter: Amy Taylor

Rage Field Guide
Rage Against the Haze: 3 Things to Know Before You Go
Rage Against the Haze: Devil/Angel and the Tobacco Industry
Rage Against the Haze: Grim Reaper Illustration - You are What You Breathe
Rage Against the Haze: Cloud of Smoke Choking Lungs
Giant Cigarette Butt Crushes a Man -
Egg Illustration:
Illustration of stinky fish bones on a plate
Exaggerated-looking cow with a lipstick kiss on his face -
Rage Against the Haze Robot Illustration. Each robot has an icon on its chest - Heart, Lungs and the Rage Circle R Logo