• Coptorilla with Beano Bomber: Illustration in 80s style G.I.Joe packaging
  • Coptorilla with Beano Bomber: Custom toy by Brad Rader
  • Battle Babies Logo - a tribute to the vintage G.I. Joe logo

It’s not very often you see a propeller-powered gorilla piloted by a gun-toting toddler. That’s why I immediately fell in love with the custom Battle Babies Coptorilla toy created by Brad Rader. After featuring the Battle Babies figures on my toy blog, I was compelled to “artistically contribute” to this toy phenomenon.

This resulted in a custom illustration and 12” x 18” print used to promote Battle Babies. The print itself is an obvious nod to the package design and elements from the 80s G.I. Joe package art (complete with “torn-off-bubble” damage) – the perfect approach to capturing the fun absurdity of a baby riding an armed gorilla.

Client: WeirdoToys.com and Battle Babies
Designer and Illustrator: Justin Gammon
Custom Toy Artist: Brad Rader

Coptorilla with Beano Bomber Vintage G.I. Joe-style Card Art Illustration

Coptorilla with Beano Bomber

Coptorilla with Beano Bomber: Custom toy by Brad Rader

Coptorilla – Custom Kitbashed Toy

Battle Babies by Brad Rader