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Mini-Warrior Shafter Transformers Art

“Transforming Collections” is a visual archive of third party Transformers art and photography authored by Philip Reed of Battlegrip.com. Phil reached out to me to contribute a robot illustration depicting one of the fan-made robots featured in the book’s collection. I decided the perfect tribute to Transformers and its heritage was to use the refined, airbrushed visual style of the 80s’ “Generation 1” Transformers packaging.

The illustration started with a rough sketch which was eventually translated into a more refined vector drawing. The more precise drawing allowed for proper masking of elements when digitally painting hard-edged forms. This approach more accurately recreated the painstaking masking and airbrushing techniques.

Client: Philip J. Reed / Battlegrip.com
Illustrator: Justin Gammon

Mini-Warrior Shafter Transformers Art

Mini-Warrior Shafter Illustration

Shafter Illustration: Transformers Art Process

Shafter Illustration: Process

Transforming Collections: Full-Page Transformers Art

Transforming Collections: Full-page Illustration