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I Love My Lungs

The monies from the Tobacco Settlement spent in South Carolina were some of the lowest in the nation. The state has the lowest tax on cigarettes and some of the highest smoking rates. Brains on Fire helped create a sustainable, youth-led anti-tobacco use movement, using no traditional media. Instead, word was spread through peer-to-peer interactions. The results are 4,000+ active, out-there members participating on their own.

Since then, a 2006 study found that South Carolina has had one of the highest smoking rate drops in the nation – 19.1% One of the key elements to this movement’s effectiveness is its visual identity. My role was to bring life to the brand with bright, playful and engaging imagery – something the teens could embrace and share. This work actually won an Effectiveness (Effie) Award, proving how effective Rage Against the Haze really was.

Client: SC Dept. of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)
Agency: Brains on Fire
Designer and Illustrator: Justin Gammon
Copywriter: Jennifer Goff, Billy Ivery
WOM Strategy: Geno Church

Rage Against the Haze - Welcome Kit

Welcome Kit

Rage Against the Haze - Dog Tag

Member Dog Tag

Rage Against the Haze - Swag

Miscellaneous Swag

Rage Against the Haze - Sticker Messaging

Sticker Messaging

Rage Against the Haze - I love my lungs.

I Love My Lungs

Rage Against the Haze - Viralmentalist Kit

Rage Against the Haze: Viralmentalist Kit


Camp Rage Attendee


More Swag

Rage Against the Haze - Air Freshener

Air Freshener: “My Pack-a-Day Habit is Less Dangerous than Yours.”

Rage Against the Haze - Rage Bot

Rage Bot

Rage Against the Haze - Effie Award

Effie Award