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Please Eat Responsibly.

What started as a small town deli in Texas in 1976 has now grown into a hugely successful restaurant chain. Jason’s Deli is doing something truly unique and have been doing it long before it was trendy. They have eliminated trans fats, MSG and corn syrup from their food menu and are primarily focused on real, wholesome, natural foods sourced from farms in each restaurant’s region. This atypical mindset and food philosophy in the fast-casual restaurant category was a crucial part in the new restaurant branding.

Jason’s Deli knew their brand needed to focus on this ideology. The rebrand called for a new visual identity which should reflect Jason’s passion and focus in providing real, good food. The new visual themes would reiterate “nature” and “goodness.” These themes are expressed through the use of vintage plant and vegetable etchings paired with beautiful photography. The Earthy and fruit-inspired color combinations and a friendly approach to language help reiterate the concept “Real = Good.”

Client: Jason’s Deli
Agency: Brains on Fire
Art Director: Justin Gammon
Designers: Justin Gammon and Greg Ramsey


Jason's Deli: To-Go Bags Resturant Branding

Jason’s Deli: To-Go Bags and Canvas Carry-All Bag

Jasons' Deli: Real = Good Restaurant Branding T-shirts

Real = Good: Employee T-shirts

Jason's Deli at the Table: Reastaurant Branding

Jason’s Deli at the Table: Table Number and Napkins

Jasons' Deli: Restaurant Branding Mailer

Mom’s Promo Mailer


Jason’s Deli: Billboard Concept



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