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Since 1989, Hops Grill Brewery has established itself as a classic, American style microbrewery and restaurant. Although they are well known for their steaks, they are best known for their micro brews. Each season, a new beer is nationally released and promoted in each participating restaurant. Each Hops’ micro-brew introduced has unique qualities all its own, and to help reflect that, each beer gets a custom name and brand reflected in fully-illustrated beer posters, coasters, and beer tap labels.

Not all of Hops’ beer poster art is created using the same artistic style. Each poster is done by a different artist. The Hops’ Scottish Ale, Honey Bock and Pale Ale beer posters featured here were hand drawn and digitally painted by me to emulate the bold, simple, and graphic approach of the Art Deco style of design and illustration. They evoke a spirit of international influence and artistic heritage usually unseen in chain restaurant’s approach to new product promotions and other marketing materials.

Client: Hops Grill Brewery (Rita Restaurant Corp.)
Agency: Brains on Fire
Illustrator and Designer: Justin Gammon

Hops - Scottish Ale Beer Poster

Hops – Scottish Ale Poster

Hops - Honey Bock Beer Poster

Hops – Honey Bock Poster

Hops - Pale Ale Beer Poster

Hops – Pale Ale Poster (Unused Concept)

Hops - Pale Ale Poster

Hops – Pale Ale Poster (Unused Concept)