Deciding to Switch to Designs that Stick
NY Times bestselling authors, Chip and Dan Heath, have had an enormous impact in the business book world with their renowned books “Made to Stick” and “Switch.” They have become popular with managers, marketers, teachers, ministers, entrepreneurs, and all types of people who want to make an impact in their own businesses, lives and the lives of others.
Quickly following the publication of “Switch,” I assisted the Heath Brothers in establishing the visual approach of their website, promotional web and print ads, and their workshop’s training materials. This eventually lead to my designing the book covers of their first digital book, “Myth of the Garage” and their latest bestselling book, “Decisive.”

Client: Chip and Dan Heath
Art Director: Justin Gammon
Illustrator / Photographer: Justin Gammon Homepage Subpages

Book Covers: “The Myth of the Garage” and “Decisive”

Book Promotion Ads